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EXCLUSIVE! Peruvian Boys - Our Rare Naked Beauty

There are so many beautiful Peruvian men, but what are we talking about when we say – beauty? We’ve found someone who is looking at them, many things we’ve never seen before.
According to his editor and publisher, Peruvian Boys is a projectthat looks for being a chance window to show ourselves as human beings, culture and environment, reality which has been limited by enormous complexesand traumas those submitted Peruvian society, socially and culturally.
He says this made us to close our eyes and forbidding to see the big possibilities those many believe  to be discovering right now.
Peru is a multi-diverse country, which races, cultures, landscapes, climates, languages, stories and cosmovisions mixture, has generated something extraordinary and unique that we are beginning to understand and rate recently, but still under the plume of big prejudges.
So talking to this guy is not only to admire Peruvian men’s rare beauty but to explore beyond a simple looking can give us.

How long and why are you producing Peruvian Boys?
Peruvian Boys is a project that is around 10 years old as an idea. It was becoming real four years ago throught a website, and as a blog and a PDF-format magazine, three years ago, plus a YouTube channel taking advantage from information technologies’ access, and looking to evolve with them.

Why do you believe that Peruvian male mixture was not explorated yet?
The Peruvian mixture’s unrating is caused by terrible traumas printed since spanish conquering time, and that is still going on in our deep collective soul.
The almost indigenous ermination, exploitation of people brought from Africa are deep wounds, and regrets linked to impossed religion.
Added to this, the excessive European culture and race worship has mixed-up and put  the ways to perceive our reality’s diversity upside down.

Which one of your works demanded more complicated production process?
The most complicated was set the models free fronm their enormous complexes and regret, linked to be naked before a camera, something still subsistent.
Sometimes, the lack of logistics was a difficult. Although it was solved with imagination, it was ever a limitation.
As a weird pproduction experience, we got trapped over rocks once tide increased. Since that experience, eberytime I go to shot in areas nearby the sea, I carry out my tide forecast report.

Have you worked with Piurano models?
In Piura, I made some photo sessions. As in every processs, some were pretty productive, and others I got frustrated. Sometimes, I traveled in vain to Piura City, although I was comitted with models to make the session – in other words, they never went to the callings.

Which one do you believe is the great appeal of Peruvian men?
It’s a quite difficult question to answer just ’cause the mixture in our country is so deep and diverse that there’s not a parameter to determine a particular physical appeal.
Precisely, Peruvian men features don’t fit to established parameters by European canons.
I do believe  the Peruvian men’s appeal is their spontaneous personality more than their physical features, and that is what I just try to express in my photo essays, now.

How do you believe you’ve gotten to reflect that appeal in your work?
I consider my work is still beginning. There’s much to do. Peruvian mixture is enormous, and I hope to print it next times, in more ellaborated productions, the riches of our people’s mixture.

If you’re interested on contacting Peruvian Boys, you can log on, or get into its YouTube channel on (you require and adult profile).
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